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“We help athletes and professionals harness the power of their minds so they are able to clear the path for ultimate performance whether they are into elite fitness, a professional athlete, or a business professional.”
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Elite Performance Coaching is a premier personal success company. Our mission is to help athletes and professionals overcome mental blocks and give them a personalized roadmap for a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Have you hit a block in your athletic or life performance? Are Anger, Frustration, Anxiousness, Sadness, Stress and/or Pressure Ruining Your Life?

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Why You Are Not Performing To Your Potential In Competition

By far, the #1 issue clients come to me for is not being able to perform under pressure and in competition like they do in practice or KNOW they have the skills to do so. Typical athlete problems that can be easily solved Jenn, an elite teen gymnast, injured her ankle during a competition. After a few months her ankle healed well and her doctors said she could go back to gymn [...]

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The Key To Freedom From Anxiousness

Have you ever had the experience of feeling out of control, where your heart races, your breath shortens, and you feel absolutely panicked? Or, maybe, you just have this irritating, low-level anxiety that seems to be with you always. This is the experience of being anxious. Many things can make us feel anxious, such as our jobs, our relationships, and even just our thoughts [...]

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End Emotional Eating and Other Destructive Habits

Are you at the end of your rope? Have you tried the yoyo diets, support groups, counting calories, etc.? Tired of hearing from people who tell you it's just a matter of discipline? These thoughts may be familiar to you: “I know what I need to do, I’m just not doing it”, or “Why do I keep doing that over and over when it only ends up hurting me?”, or “Why can’t [...]

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A Systematic Strategy And Tools To Manage Workplace Stress

Whether you are a sales person under pressure of a quota, a manager tasked with cutting costs or your job requires you to meet a never-ending series of deadlines, if you don't manage the resulting daily stress and pressure, it can do serious damage to your health. Research consistently shows that 60% to 90% of doctor visits are stress related! Reducing your stress is not onl [...]

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“4 Simple Steps to Relieving Painful Negative Emotions”

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