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After a successful career in the fast-paced, sometimes ruthless corporate world, I was completely stressed out, and was in real need of a mental breakthrough. I was in the midst of crazy deadlines, demanding managers, unattainable expectations, and as a result I was burnt out, exhausted, and extremely stressed.  There was no way forward other than making a significant career transition.  This turned into a strong desire to help other people to gain the competitive advantage and make positive changes in their lives.  I decided it was time to pay it forward with making a transition into becoming a mental coach.

My passion developed into helping people overcome blocks that stop them from living the lives they want, and doing what they know they are capable of. I personally have overcome a number of significant challenges in my life. Through my experience, and after studying numerous methods of self-help, I was able to overcome these challenges with a mental coach, and I made a major shift. I left the trappings of the corporate world to people like I was able to do for myself. There has been nothing more fulfilling, and it continues to get better and better.

As a certified performance coach, when working with me be ready to experience a profound mental breakthrough with a unique system. This may be to gain the competitive advantage in sports, in business, or life.  The system I have developed has proven effective with thousands of people worldwide to get breakthroughs they had previously only dreamt of. It has been tested, tweaked, and refined since 2004 to be the most effective program for performance and mental obstacle breakthrough, and I am an expert at utilizing it in your sessions.

Our Mental Performance Coaching techniques include:

Mental Toughness Training
Hypnosis for optimal performance
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Mental Performance Coaching
Sports Hypnosis*

*Interested in hypnosis to gain the competitive advantage for your athletic performance? Visit our sports hypnosis site.
**Interested in yoga, meditation and wellness? Visit our hypnosis and wellness site.

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