Feel Better with the Ten Percent Rule

Have you ever wanted to make a change or accomplish something, but gave up because it seems too overwhelming? You may feel that is unique to you, however, the truth is that most people go through this from time to time, and sometimes quite regularly. This often happens when we think of accomplishments in a black and white, or all or nothing way.

?We use a technique that we call the Ten Percent Rule. With this, instead of thinking of a change, accomplishment or goal as all or nothing, we help our clients think of improvement in ten percent segments. So rather than perceiving 100% improvement as the only option for success, they shift their definition of success to be a ten percent improvement. What follows is another ten percent, and another, so there is always continuous improvement.

?So, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed with completing a task or making a change, ask yourself “how can I make a ten percent improvement right now?”, and notice what answers your mind comes up with.

Practice Ten Percent Rule on a regular basis and develop a competitive edge.