The Key To Freedom From Anxiousness

Have you ever had the experience of feeling out of control, where your heart races, your breath shortens, and you feel absolutely panicked? Or, maybe, you just have this irritating, low-level anxiety that seems to be with you always. You can learn how to manage anxiety.

This is the experience of being anxious. Many things can make us feel anxious, such as our jobs, our relationships, and even just our thoughts about something. Our friends and family may tell us ‘it’s not so bad, try to relax’, or ‘just take a deep breath’. Although our loved ones have good intentions, these suggestions rarely help.

Mary is a mother of 3 kids, 5-14. No matter how many books and podcasts she takes in about her stressful feelings, she just can’t stop worrying about what terrible things might happen to her kids. Her youngest came home bullied last year and has been withdrawn ever since. Her middle boy has a learning disability and she is constantly fighting the school system to advocate for him and keep his self-confidence intact. But her biggest worry is her teen daughter who is going through puberty and struggling to fit in and dealing with a recent boyfriend breakup situation.

Once I helped Mary identify the triggering patterns causing her anxiousness, it was easy to assist her to find her resources to antidote the core of the problem. Right after that, her daughter saw how much calmer her mom was and I repeated the process with her to great success.

Many people who feel anxious will seek help through methods such as yoga, visualization, and sometimes medication. Although these methods may provide temporary relief, often the feelings of anxiousness return, and sometimes with a vengeance.

The problem is not that the person doesn’t want to feel better, because usually, they want that more than anything else. The problem is that they are missing dealing with the root cause of the problem.

All the great advice in the world about how to think positive is useless unless you can get the new perspectives integrated into the central nervous system which controls your bodily responses.

This is where we go when we work together.

I can’t wait for you to be my next success story.

If you are feeling anxiousness, Our R.A.C.E. formula helps uncover and eliminate the real problem that is causing your symptoms. Once the problem is eliminated, you are free to do what you already know how to do! For more information on our R.A.C.E formula and a free consultation, contact us today at 813-748-1778.