Avoidance vs. Action

There are times that we avoid doing something, and end up feeling worse because we are avoiding. There could be a number of reasons for this type of behavior. We may avoid doing something because it seems overwhelming. There are times we may avoid something that seems undesirable, yet necessary, to do. Sometimes we may avoid taking action due to uncertainty of the outcome. These are just some out of many reasons we may be avoidant. Whatever the case, avoiding often leaves us feeling bad about ourselves in some way (guilty, incapable, weak, etc.). What can we do about this? Old habits may be tough to break, yet it is certainly possible to change our reactions and behaviors. One way out of the habit of avoiding is to take one step at a time. Let’s say you are avoiding a project that seems terribly overwhelming. Avoiding is the opposite of action, so breaking the cycle of avoiding means to take action. Any action. Write down the main steps for completing the project, in as much detail as you are comfortable with. Remember, all projects are a series of small steps. Decide that you will take the first step, and do it as soon as possible, no matter how you feel about it. Proceed through each step in this way, until you get to the end and complete the project. The formula is to decide what action is necessary, and to just do it. When you take action, you are empowering yourself, which will continue to get stronger with each action you take. No matter what the reason that you are avoiding something (overwhelm, having to do something undesirable, uncertainty, etc.), decide that you do not want to feel bad about yourself, and take an action no matter how you are feeling. This is the path forward to greater self-empowerment. You can also give yourself a reward each time you overcome the desire to avoid.