Why You Are Not Performing To Your Potential In Competition

By far, the #1 issue clients come to me for is not being able to perform under pressure and in competition like they do in practice or KNOW they have the skills to do so.

Typical athlete problems that can be easily solved

Jenn, an elite teen gymnast, injured her ankle during a competition. After a few months her ankle healed well and her doctors said she could go back to gymnastics full force. Although her body was ready, her mind had a different agenda. She was unable to get herself to do the same move that she did when she was injured.

Rick, a 12 year old catcher on an elite travel baseball team, overthrew the ball to the pitcher during a critical play. As a result, his team lost the game. After that incident Rick was unable to throw the ball to the pitcher without hesitating several seconds, which significantly impacted his performance.

George, a elite club tennis player, does not feel his sport is fun anymore like it was when he was in college. He longs for the days when he could just go out there and play ‘without thinking’ as he describes it. He feels he is under so much pressure to succeed, and his motivation and performance seem to be diminishing every day.

What’s the common element interfering with athlete’s performance?

Question: what do Jenn, Rick and George all have in common? Answer: their minds are getting in the way of what their bodies already know how to do. This can leave them feeling perplexed and out of control. They try to analyze the problem, or think over and over about it to ‘figure it out’, but they cannot. No matter what they do, nothing changes. This is not their fault. They really want to get past their problem, but they have no idea how. Although their attempts are coming from a true desire to change, they are only reinforcing the problem, and they end up feeling increasingly more desperate to be able to do what they know they are capable of. Some athletes in this situation will talk to a therapist, or try things like meditation or visualization. They may get temporary improvement, but ultimately their problem returns and often gets worse.

What’s the real solution that everyone ignores?

The real problem is that these athletes are treating the symptom, rather than addressing the actual underlying problem. Our applied sport psych0logy R.A.C.E. formula helps athletes to uncover and eliminate the real problem that is causing the symptom. Once the problem is eliminated, the athlete is free to do what they already know how to do! Allowing them to once again enjoy the flow state on a regular basis.

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