A Systematic Strategy And Tools To Manage Workplace Stress

Whether you are a sales person under pressure of a quota, a manager tasked with cutting costs or your job requires you to meet a never-ending series of deadlines, if you don’t manage the resulting daily stress and pressure, it can do serious damage to your health.

Research consistently shows that 60% to 90% of doctor visits are stress related! Reducing your stress is not only about giving you some relief, but about protecting your body and your ability to continue to perform in your job.

When I was in the corporate world, I felt as though the walls were closing in on me. Over time I was consumed with feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and out of control. As a result I was unable to perform at my best, and was utterly miserable.

I know there are many people that feel this way in their job, and may believe the problem is outside of them. Sometimes they blame their manager or coworkers, or they believe they are in the ‘wrong job’. Although redirecting the problem outside of themselves may provide temporary relief, they only end up back where they were, feeling miserable and stuck. To help themselves, they may go to training to gain skills, or see a therapist about their ‘problem’. Unfortunately those who seek these methods are treating the symptom rather than the true problem, and will end up feeling exactly like they did when they started, and often times worse.

Here’s the strategy for what you must do to save yourself before the stress sabotages your performance at a minimum, or puts you in the doctor’s office.

  1. Identify the specific nervous system initiators that get switched on at certain situations on a regular basis.
  2. Establish an internal communication with the control center that operates the nervous system.
  3. Develop the specific, efficient antidote for each mental program that gets triggered by your job
  4. Deliver the antidote to the body’s control center.
  5. Condition the unwanted response through repetition until eliminated.

Tools used to implement the strategy:

Reframing, mental practice, integration, guided and self visualization, internal conflict resolution, and more….

If you are having trouble with your work situation, and done all the typical, basic tips, it’s time to take it up a level. This is going to require one-to-one work through our R.A.C.E. formula that helps uncover what is going on beneath the surface, and eliminates any blocks causing the problem. For more information on our R.A.C.E formula and a free consultation, contact us today at 813-748-1778.