Elite Performance Coaching

I have been playing golf for 20 years at the elite amateur level. Three years ago I began experiencing issues with mental focus and worry about the competition.  I tried meditation, but it did not help in the way I needed. I searched for other methods to help, and found Elite Performance Coaching. I signed up for mental performance coaching with the founder, Lynne. Mental performance coaching helped immensely not just with golf, but with all the sports I participate in. My sessions with Lynne helped my overall performance during competition. I am now more focused, able to play in the moment, and not worried about what my competition is doing. These changes have lasted for the past 5 months and have continued to improve. Lynne’ professionalism and knowledge is top-notch. She tailored my session to be specific to both my sport and to my mental block. Once the mental block was cleared out, I was able to hone in and focus on my game with laser precision. I highly endorse this type of therapy for athletes. Many times, there are issues that go deeper into the subconscious. The only way to help solve these mental blocks is through mental performance coaching. It was a great experience and it played a vital part in turning my mental game from negative to positive. In golf, it is pivotal to stay “in the moment,” and with mental performance coaching, I am able to do this.

Sonia M.

Elite  Golfer

The techniques I learned from Lynne allowed me to compete successfully at an international powerlifting meet. I set the world record for my age and weight class for the squat, bench and total weight lifted.   it was not only the record that made the meet a success but how I was able to handle adversity during it.  prior to 1-1 hypnosis, I tried sports performance self-help books, a sports performance psychologist, online sports performance hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. hypnosis with lynne definitely helped more than the sports performance psychologist and online self-help/hypnosis. the sports performance psychologist focused a lot on just positive thinking which left me feeling at odds with my own mind and often seemed to make the situation worse. lynne took the time to listen carefully to understand not only what I needed help with but also to know who I am as a person. she tailored the sessions to me as an individual.  this was not the case with the other therapists I had dealt with.  their approach was not individualized and not even sport specific. lynne is extremely knowledgeable not only in the area of hypnosis but also using meditation and mindfulness in sports.  she taught me techniques I could apply during training and competition I began to see a difference almost from the beginning.  the longer I practice the techniques lynne taught me, the more benefit I realize not only in sports performance but in my daily life as well. I encourage others to be open minded and try hypnosis.   it is an opportunity to know and discover the power of our own minds and how we can use them to create positive change in our lives.

Leah M.

Power Lifter

Watch Leah squat 303 lbs, setting a national record for her age and weight class:

I was having mental blocks in gymnastics for several months. I tried to clear my head, talk myself through it, and think of good thoughts. None of this worked. That is when I decided to contact Lynne. I had tried everything I could, and when I finally went it really helped me overcome my issues. Lynne helped me get through my mental blocks, and to get to a place of feeling strong and confident, where I wasn’t scared anymore. The results lasted throughout my meet season. Occasionally I would have a follow-up with Lynne and she would talk me through it and I felt much better about things. Lynne is very professional and very knowledgeable of how the brain works. I would highly recommend her. She knows how to pinpoint an issue and help to resolve it. She was great!

   Alexis O.


 had been trying to improve the mental side of my performance as an MMA fighter since I stated the sport in 2013.  I was experiencing certain mental blocks that I wanted to resolve. I tried reading sports psychology books, meditation and visualization. They all helped, but not as dramatically as hypnosis.  Hypnosis with Lynne helped me improve in many important areas, such as managing y emotions and attaining peak performance.  It helped improve my athletic performance by redirecting y focus away fro what I wanted to avoid, and toward what I wanted to achieve.  It also provided me with the tools I needed to reach my current goal and any goals I seek in the future. Lynne was great. Very personable, professional and easy to connect with.  The positive changes I have experienced from hypnosis have lasted thus far, and I have continued the practice of self-hypnosis as well. I would suggest to other athletes that if they are experiencing mental blocks or simply know they can perform better, to take the leap of faith and try hypnosis.  If you believe, work hard, and always seek ways to improve, including hypnosis, anything is possible.

Ricardo C.

Mixed Martial Arts

In my line of work as a professional football player, everything is 90% mental and only 10% physical, so the fact that I can always stay mentally in the moment is huge. Immediately after my first session with Lynne I could see and feel a difference in myself. My whole mindset and mentality changed and I can now focus at any given time in any given situation whether it's on the field, in the gym or with anything that requires me to focus my attention. Working with Lynne helped when everything else failed. The changes are still taking effect, and I feel like things can and will only get better from here. Lynne is very professional and VERY wise, with so much positive energy and knowledge. She is very easy to speak with, and makes you feel comfortable instantly. Her program is legit and I wish I'd done it sooner. I feel like this not only helped my career but also saved it. I enjoyed every session and with each one I left feeling more and more confident in myself."

Carlton M.

Professional Football

I was having a hard time getting into the zone when I started my workouts. This had been going on for several months. My session with Lynne helped me to more rapidly and consistently get into the zone when I needed to, and the effects have been long lasting. Lynne is awesome and has an outstanding level of professionalism and knowledge. For those who have not tried this work before, I would tell them that it is an excellent resource that does not require a huge time commitment.

Mark F.

Shoulder Surgeon/Former Body Builder