When To Hire A Sports Mental Coach

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What is a sports mental coach?

Do you want to improve your athletic performance? Are your skills not up to par? Do you perform better in practice than in competition? Are you experiencing the yips, or some other mental obstacle?  If so, a sports mental coach can help.

Mental training for athletes is the aspect of sports psychology that is concerned with helping athletes overcome mental obstacles preventing them from performing to their potential.  Mental coaching is widely used by elite and professional athletes around the world, as a supplement to their sports performance training.  However, sports mental training is sometimes not used because of misunderstandings about its benefits.

How can a sports mental coach help?

Mental obstacles for athletes often show up as:

Low confidence
Poor performance
Lack of motivation
Giving up too soon
Poor injury recovery

With mental coaching, athletes are able to improve their mental state and the underlying forces that cause their mental obstacles to optimal performance.

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Train your body AND your brain!

Research shows that mentally tough athletes achieve superior levels of success. Elite athletes work hard on their physical training and skill development, on their own as well as with coaches and trainers. What is often missing is the mental side of training.  An effective sports mental coach fills in where physical coaches and trainers leave off. Once an athletes reaches a certain level of physical ability, the mental part of sports becomes the primary differentiator across mediocre, good and top levels of athletics.  According to former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman, “When you get to the elite level in sports, athletically, what separates the really great performers are the ones who are mentally tough and see things a little bit quicker than their competitors.”

Athletes who are mentally tough are able to put mistakes behind them and move forward, they are able to sustain composure and confidences when things get tough, and they have the ability to remain focused on what is necessary to perform and execute tasks successfully.


Which techniques do sports mental coaches use?

There is a wide range of techniques used by mental coaches who work with athletes. These may include sports psychology coaching, mental toughness training, imagery, visualization, and hypnosis. There is no one technique that works best.


How can you find a qualified sports mental coach?

The most effective mental coaches have a solid history of high success with various athlete issues.   When looking for a sports mental coach, ask about their success rate, and what sorts of issues they have helped with. Another important aspect is training. A qualified sports mental coach will have sports-specific mental training.If you cannot find a mental coach in your area, search wider. There are some who work with clients remotely through conference call or video conference.  Lastly, a good sports mental coach will offer a customized approach based on the athletes clients’ specific challenges and goals.

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